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Introducing Nikola, your Tesla guardian.

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Leave your Tesla unlocked? Dangerously low battery? Nikola has you covered.

Nikola keeps a watchful eye on your Tesla to protect your beautiful car.

  • Get notified if your car is unlocked

  • Protect your battery with low battery alerts

  • Analyze data Tesla throws away

  • Learn from driving and charging efficiency stats


per month

billed yearly $35.88




per month

billed monthly


  • Review efficiency stats for each trip, including Watt-Hours per mile, energy consumed, and average speed

  • Vehicle Health Monitoring: Nikola will warn you if your Tesla is left unlocked for an extended period of time or if the battery has been low for too long.

  • Explore energy-usage maps for each drive

  • Export your trips and charges to CSV for your taxes and expenses

  • See detailed data and graphs of your charge cycles at home and at superchargers, including duration, energy added, and variations in power over time

  • See historical graphs for energy efficiency, driving, charging, and supercharging data by week

  • Keep on top of "Ghost Drain"

  • Keep track of your battery level and range remaining


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