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Bo Layer

"This is a wonderful addition to the standard Tesla app, providing awesome data… being able to unlock my car from my watch is also super useful!"

Christopher T

"Great app to keep historical data for your Tesla… The developer is responsive and always adding new features."

Rick G

"The “Stats” graphs are very clear showing trends in your driving economy and the overall ups and downs in battery charge… Being able to download the stats to CSV file is also very elegant."

What can Nikola do for you?


Protect your car with left-unlocked and battery stress alerts.

Use Siri to unlock your car with no hands!

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Learn about how you drive by analyzing the detailed data that Tesla hides from you.

And more…​

  • Learn about your driving efficiency with stats for each trip.

  • See where you burn watts on energy-usage maps for each drive.

  • Export your trips and charges to CSV for your taxes and expenses

  • Check up on charging details with detailed data of your charge cycles, including duration, energy added, and variations in power over time

  • See historical graphs for energy efficiency, driving, charging, and supercharging data by week

  • Keep on top of "Ghost Drain"

  • Keep track of your battery level and range remaining


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$2.99 per month

billed yearly $35.88


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$4.99 per month

billed monthly

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