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Upgrade your Tesla experience with Nikola.

Did you leave the car unlocked? A window open? See your Tesla’s status at a glance and know for sure. Keep your car safe  and healthy with automatic alerts for low battery, valet joyrides, and an unlocked car. 


Understand your driving and charging habits with history and stats of your trips, charges, and ghost drain. 

Nikola works anywhere in the world, and even has a widget for your home screen with range and quick-access controls.

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Health on iPhone 12

Stay up to date with Nikola



See vehicle health at a glance

With Nikola at your service, you can:

  • Stop worrying about your battery’s charge health.​

  • Keep tabs on Valet Mode activity — no joyrides here!

  • Remember to lock your car if it’s left unlocked.

  • Know if a window or door was left open.

  • Confirm Sentry Mode is enabled.

Convenient control from your wrist

With Nikola for Apple Watch

  • Control climate, trunk, frunk, and more. No need to run inside to grab your key.

  • Unlock with no hands using Siri!

  • Check your battery level at a glance with the Nikola complication for Apple Watch.

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Understand driving & charging habits

With easy-to-understand graphs of weekly data.

  • De-stress your taxes & expenses with easy data export.

  • See weekly mileage and charging stats.

  • Bust those ghosts draining your battery.

  • Track fluctuations in battery range.

Learn how you drive

With detailed data for every drive.

  • Explore a detailed driving efficiency map for each drive.

  • See your driving history.

  • Track locations, distance, top and average speed.

  • Appreciate your CO₂ saved and MPGe for each drive.


All the charging details

With detailed stats and a graph of every charge.

  • Track your charge speed, duration, and times.

  • Keep your battery healthy and see anomalies.

  • Check if battery heater or climate affect your charge.

  • See a pretty graph of the charge level and rate.

Automate your Tesla

Using Siri and the Apple Shortcuts App.​

  • Schedule controls like Climate or Sentry Mode using Automations

  • Build and customize Shortcuts to fit your needs

  • Ask Siri to get the car ready, open the trunk, and more


Superfast controls

For the most useful Tesla actions:

  • Flash lights and honk horn to find where you parked.

  • Open the trunk and frunk.

  • Turn on climate, change the temperature, or heat the seats.

  • Unlock your car — or ask Siri to do it!

  • Open your charge port.

  • Enable Sentry Mode.

Thousands of Tesla owners love Nikola.

⭐️ 4.6 on the App Store


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  • Security: Nikola does not store your account password. The Nikola App communicates directly with Tesla to obtain an Authentication Token and uses the token to track driving and charging metrics. Our servers never see your password. For super technical users, Nikola now accepts "Refresh Tokens" so you do not have to enter a password at all.

  • You can pause logging of driving and charging metrics at any time.

  • Nikola does not need to be open on your phone for metrics to be logged to the app.


About Nikola


Nikola was built by a former Apple engineer, and was designed with privacy in mind. David Hodge is a long-time transportation enthusiast, and was founder and CEO of Embark, a transportation app with millions of users that was acquired by Apple. At Apple, David was an engineering leader during the comeback of Apple Maps, where he helped launch Transit, Nearby, Maps on Apple Watch and more.


David built Nikola because he loves his Tesla, and when friends asked for a copy of Nikola, he decided to put it on the App Store.


Your data is not for sale.

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