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Introducing Nikola,

a Fitbit for your Tesla

Are you driving efficiently? Is your Tesla losing charge while in sentry mode? Want to understand your charging and driving patterns?

Try out Nikola to explore the data that Tesla is throwing away. Now available on the App Store.


Free for one month and $4.99 a month thereafter. (or $44.99 for an annual subscription)


  • Review efficiency stats for each trip, including Watt-Hours per mile, energy consumed, and average speed

  • Vehicle Health Monitoring: Nikola will warn you if your Tesla is left unlocked for an extended period of time or if the battery has been low for too long.

  • Explore energy-usage maps for each drive

  • Export your trips and charges to CSV for your taxes and expenses

  • See detailed data and graphs of your charge cycles at home and at superchargers, including duration, energy added, and variations in power over time

  • See historical graphs for energy efficiency, driving, charging, and supercharging data by week

  • Keep on top of "Ghost Drain"

  • Keep track of your battery level and range remaining

  • Come to terms with how much time you spend at a supercharger


  • Security: Nikola does not store your account password. The Nikola App communicates directly with Tesla to obtain an Authentication Token and uses the token to track driving and charging metrics. Our servers never see your password. For super technical users, Nikola now accepts "Refresh Tokens" so you do not have to enter a password at all.

  • You can pause logging of driving and charging metrics at any time

  • Nikola does not need to be open on your phone for metrics to be logged to the app